Rhode Island Genealogical Society

Statement of Purpose

The Rhode Island Genealogical Society actively works to:

  • Unite genealogists, historians, archivists, and others professing an interest in, or concern for, the science of investigating and accurately recording the descent of persons/families from ancestors.
  • Encourage ethical standards in genealogical practices.
  • Take appropriate action leading to the proper preservation of invaluable and irreplaceable genealogical records.
  • Take necessary steps to insure professional access to the appropriate records wherever they may be located.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops to improve the competencies of workers in the field of genealogy.
  • Foster research and the publication of findings expanding the genealogical fields of knowledge, especially in the area of Rhode Island genealogy.
  • Assist those seeking to enter the genealogical areas of knowledge to the end that proper records, attitudes, and incentives be fostered.
  • Encourage the development of libraries and the acquisition of library materials essential to sound genealogical practices.