Rhode Island Genealogical Society


The Rhode Island Genealogical Society welcomes applications for small amounts of funding in support of purchases, content, or preservation of records to those researching Rhode Island ancestors. Public or non-profit libraries within Rhode Island or non-profit organizations serving as repositories are welcome to apply for funding. Awards typically range from $300-$2000. All awards will require a final report within twelve months. 

Please copy the following questions into an email and answer each one. Email should be sent to outreach@rigensoc.org. Applications are due annually on March 15 and awards will be announced at the RIGS Annual Meeting in May or June; letters of award/decline will follow. 
  • Name of your library, repository or organization. 
  • Classification of the organization: government-run OR non-profit organization registered in Rhode Island. 
  • Web URL of the organization. 
  • Name and organizational title of the person completing this application.
  • Email and phone number of the person completing the application.
  • Mailing address for all correspondence and mailing address for check, if different.
  • Category of the requested funding (choose one) (1) purchase of printed genealogical materials OR (2) processing of genealogically significant materials for public use. 
  • Total funds requested.
  • Fully describe the planned genealogical purchases or activities to be covered by this award, and the details of the costs.
  • Describe the benefits/outcomes of the proposed project and its impact on those tracing Rhode Island ancestors.
  • Provide details of public access to the planned  materials.
  • Explain any other sources of funding already dedicated to this project.
  • What is the promotional plan, and in what way will RIGS name and logo be used in its presentation?
  • For the president, executive director or Authorized Institutional Representative at the applying organization who approves this application, provide the following (required):  name, title, and email.
Awardees will be required to provide a final report within 12 months of receipt of funds.