Rhode Island Genealogical Society

About Our Society

The Rhode Island Genealogical Society was begun in 1975 by a small group of individuals interested specifically in Rhode Island families and the problems inherent in tracing them. Since then, we have grown to include over 500 members from across the United States, Canada and Mexico, all working to uncover our Rhode Island roots.
The Society publishes a quarterly named for that pursuit. Rhode Island Roots features many Rhode Island records, such as cemetery and tax lists, General Assembly petitions, civil and military records, and genealogical articles -- all with a wealth of information on Rhode Island families. Other features include state census records, articles about early Rhode Islanders, queries, and our list of RI volunteer researchers.
Each year the Society holds two workshops, two lectures, and our Annual Meeting in May. The workshops and lectures held throughout Rhode Island bring stronger focus to local subjects and/or families concentrated in certain areas of the state. Recordings of lectures presented to the Society are usually available to members for purchase.

Primary Contacts
General Information & Queries: Diane Boumenot
Membership: Jacqueline Francis
Events: Helen Smith
RIGS Reporter Newsletter: Rachel Peirce
Treasurer: Marie McShane
Webmaster: Larry Wilson
Officers and Directors
President: Stephen Palmer
1st Vice President: Susan Taylor
2nd Vice President: Helen Smith
Treasurer: Marie McShane
Assistant Treasurer: Gary McShane
Corresponding Secretary: Susan Fitzpatrick
Recording Secretary: Thomas Clarke
Director - 3 Year Term: Letty Champion
Director - 3 Year Term: Lee Ashcraft
Director - 3 Year Term: Rachel Peirce
Director - 1 Year Term: Evelyn Murray
Director - 1 Year Term: John Stedman
Director - 1 Year Term: Paul Campbell
Director - 1 Year Term: Barbara Cummings
Awards Committee: Cherry Fletcher Bamberg
Hospitality Committee: Rachel Peirce
Library Committee: Helen Smith
Membership Committee: Jacqueline Francis
Nominating Committee: Lee Ashcraft
Publications Committee: Cherry Fletcher Bamberg
RI Roots Editor: Cherry Fletcher Bamberg
RI Roots Editor: Michael Dwyer
RIGS Reporter Editor: Rachel Peirce
Reception Committee: Anne Wagner
Technology Committee: Larry Wilson
Special Projects and Programs
Cemetery Research: John Sterling
FGS Representative: Vacant
NERGC Representative: Lee Ashcraft
Alternate NERGC Representative: Barbara Cummings
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