Rhode Island Genealogical Society

RIGS Collection at Greenville Library

At the Annual Meeting in May 1998, a member rose to ask if we could issue a listing of the various materials held m the collection of the Rhode Island Genealogical Society, housed in the Greenville (RI) Public library.  The motion was soon made, seconded and passed.

To properly inventory this collection has taken much longer than anticipated but we acknowledge with much appreciation the continued help and support of the library Director, Mr. Christopher LaRoux, and his staff. Without their aid, we would no doubt be still struggling.

The list begins with the hardbound and softbound books in the collection. The library lists these by call numbers. We thought a listing by author not as useful as by subject or keywords, the capacity for which we were lacking. Although known family surnames are in bold print, we challenge you to explore this listing. You may find some surprises. Only the materials used for research or education are listed.

Additionally, you will soon find that there are many other "smaller" items worthy of our attention. There are cassette tapes, manuscripts, lecture tapes, lecture transcriptions, smaller publications, booklets and newsletters of various
other organizations, and envelopes holding many treasures.

Alden C. Saunders, Library Chair, presided over and nurtured this collection ever since its inception almost 25 years ago.

Although none of these materials circulate, we hope that just knowing of their existence and location will prove helpful to the membership at large. It is indeed a varied collection and we invite your perusal of all these treasures!

Sally Small & Patricia Wyatt
October, 1999